Last Updated December 29, 2020

If a Campaign is delayed through no fault of Quotient (e.g. Advertiser failed to provide information necessary for Quotient to launch the Campaign) (a “Delay”) and the parties have not agreed to a Change Order with a new launch date, Quotient may charge the Advertiser a "Delay Fee" as follows, which fee will be due upon receipt of invoice:

Delay Timing

Delay Fee

      •     Delay more than 7 days but less than 14 days

$2,500 for media Campaigns and $1,000 for promo Campaigns

      •     Delay more than 14 days but less than 21 days

Additional $2,500 for media Campaigns and $1,000 for promo Campaigns

      •     Delay more than 21 days

N/A, Campaign abandoned

Quotient may elect to treat a Delay as a Campaign abandonment, in which case, the Cancellation Fee on the Insertion Order will apply. If Advertiser cancels the Campaign, the Cancellation Fee will also apply. The Cancellation Fees are in addition to any other outstanding amounts due and payable to Quotient, and will be due within 30 days after date of invoice.

In the event Advertiser requests a subsequent change to the  amended Campaign launch date, Quotient may elect to: (a) execute Change Order with a mutually-agreed to launch date; or (b) treat the Campaign as cancelled, in which event the Cancellation Fee would apply; such Cancellation Fee will be calculated based on the original launch date in the IO.