Coupons, Inc. Publishes New Industry Standard Gs1 Databar-Coded Coupons

Coupons, Inc. today announced it has launched the first printable coupons with dynamically-generated, serialized GS1 DataBar barcodes.

Mountain View, Calif. – January 14, 2008– Coupons, Inc., the world’s leading provider of printable coupon marketing and technology solutions, today announced it has launched the first printable coupons with dynamically-generated, serialized GS1 DataBar barcodes. The GS1 DataBar will replace UPC/EAN barcodes and become the industry standard on all manufacturer’s coupons over the next two years.

Coupons, Inc. continues to be at the forefront of technology solutions for retailers and manufacturers by supporting the GS1 DataBar in all of its systems. This gives Coupons Inc.’s partners and customers the ability to work with any barcode scanning system retailers have in place during the transition from UPC barcodes.

Some of the first manufacturers to adopt the new barcodes – L’Oreal and WhiteWave Foods – use the new GS1 DataBar on printable coupons from Coupons, Inc. The printed coupons carry both the GS1 DataBar and UPC barcodes to ensure they work at any retailer. Although the transition to the GS1 DataBar represents a significant change for retailers, Coupons, Inc.’s tens of millions of users will not experience any inconvenience when using coupons containing the new GS1 bar code.

“We applaud Coupons Inc.’s efforts in offering the new interim codes on their printable coupons – encouraging companies to begin using the new codes, paving the way for a smooth transition to the new standard,” said Steve Arens, Senior Director, GS1US, Inc.

The new GS1 DataBar barcodes encode far more information than the current standard UPC bar codes. For example:

• A single coupon may include dissimilar products from different companies

• The new format supports partnering and cross-selling

• Consumer compliance can be monitored by scanning at check-out

• Manufacturers can offer nearly any coupon values, versus the 100 values currently possible

• Data about purchase requirements, product/quantity requirements, retailer restrictions or other redemption requirements or restrictions will be coded directly onto the coupons

• Serialization codes are built into the barcode

Coupon, Inc.’s Family Code Services division is prepared to help retailers and manufacturers smoothly transition to the new GS1 DataBar bar code. The new standard offers a unique opportunity to restructure manufacturer family codes and update point-of-sale systems with the data necessary to scan and validate coupons for more efficient checkout procedures.

The company leads the industry in closely monitoring individual coupons from distribution through redemption and clearing. This allows the company to immediately take advantage of some of the new features within the GS1 bar codes.

“We are uniquely qualified to handle this complex process without impacting the consumer experience,” said Steven Boal, CEO and founder of Coupons, Inc. “Because we provide an end-to-end solution for printable coupons, we can closely control the multivariate processes necessary to ensure a quick transition to this new standard.”
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