Coupons, Inc. Launches SureCaster™ Coupon Targeting Platform

Industry’s First of Its Kind Service Designed to Help Marketers Deploy Targeted Digital Coupon Promotions

Mountain View, Calif. – March 11, 2009 – Coupons, Inc., the global leader in interactive coupon solutions, today expanded its digital coupon campaign targeting capabilities with the launch of SureCaster™ for brand marketers. By utilizing SureCaster, marketers can now target unique coupon offers by the behavior clusters consistent with their brand’s targeting strategy. Offers are varied based on brand, competitive and category data. SureCaster leverages Coupons, Inc.’s decade of experience to assist brand marketers in creating more effective and efficient coupon programs that deliver better bottom-line results without decreasing distribution volumes.

As experts in digital coupon promotions, Coupons, Inc. has analyzed tens of thousands of campaigns to identify the most effective and efficient methods to enhance results. SureCaster builds upon the regional targeting of digital FSIs, and adds strategic recommendations for placement, coupon value, frequency, expiration period and online media use.

SureCaster was trial tested with brand marketers running digital coupon campaigns to support a series of new product launches. The goal: build awareness, drive trial and generate viral growth. By utilizing brand, category and purchase data, SureCaster designed a strategic, targeted digital coupon campaign with varied offer values that optimized the client’s couponing spend and maximized consumer trial. Coupons, Inc. tracks and measures print and redemption data to measure results against marketer’s goals.

“Digital coupon campaigns, when used strategically and in scale, can meet a number of brand objectives. Price promotion is highly effective especially in these tough economic times. As the leader in digital couponing, we are committed to providing the best campaign-development tools for our clients,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Coupons, Inc. “With SureCaster, brands can design and deliver targeted digital coupon campaigns to laser-beam in on their desired consumer segments. Targeted optimization can increase engagement, redemption rates and in-store sales by putting the right offer for the right product in front of the right consumers at the right time.”

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