Coupons, Inc. Launches Couponfit Analyzer And Advisor Services

Industry’s first true end-to-end coupon to point-of-sale encoding and real-time validation system.

Mountain View, Calif. – April 22, 2008 – Coupons, Inc., the world’s leading provider of printable coupon marketing and technology solutions, today announced its CouponFIT™ suite of family code management services for manufacturers and retailers. Leveraging the most comprehensive database of family code data and the most experienced family code management team, led by industry veteran Jane Michels, CouponFIT makes coupon programs more efficient and manageable while ensuring accuracy at the point-of-sale.

As manufacturers start transitioning from UPC barcodes to the GS1 DataBar (required by 2010), mistakes in family codes can lead to expensive fees and off-target coupon promotions. Coupons that don’t scan correctly are frustrating for consumers and retailers, and cost time and money for manufacturers. The CouponFIT suite helps coupon issuers maintain the highest degrees of accuracy by managing items and family codes online and in one central location. CouponFIT was designed specifically to reduce problems at checkout for retailers. The CouponFIT suite of services includes two groundbreaking offerings in the industry: CouponFIT Analyzer™ and CouponFIT Advisor™.

CouponFIT Analyzer allows manufacturers to see at a glance which items fulfill a coupon’s purchase requirement and which items do not. It helps identify potential coupon coding errors allowing them to be corrected before distribution, saving thousands of dollars in retailer fines and fees.

CouponFIT Advisor allows customers to build barcodes automatically as they create an offer. This unique, easy-to-use tool selects the correct family code based on the items selected and through CouponFIT Retail, alerts the nation’s point-of-sale systems to the new offerings, before they arrive in store.

The CouponFIT suite of manufacturer services includes the industry’s only automatic notification system when new, uncoded items are received from retailers. Coupons, Inc. also provides bi-weekly updates of family codes to all scan-and-validate retailers, as well as the ability for manufacturers to manage items and family codes online with descriptions, sizes, brand information and data entry validation. CouponFIT allows manufacturers to scan GS1 Databars to display encoded data field values, and to create and distribute barcode artwork – a true industry breakthrough.

“CouponFIT is the answer to the industry’s need for family code management that’s smart and simple to use,” said Jane Michels, General Manager for Family Code Services at Coupons, Inc. “As the premier provider of coupon services to retailers and manufacturers, we are in a unique position to ensure both sides of the industry have the most accurate and up-to-date information available in the industry. Our services help save time, money and potential headaches.”

CouponFIT Retail is Coupons, Inc.’s service that provides retailers with the most accurate, up-to-date family code information for their point of sale systems. Coupons, Inc. has the industry’s only comprehensive database of item-level family codes, providing retailers with offer-matching information for their entire item file. Every week data file updates are automatically customized and generated for each client, and exception processing automatically lists invalid UPC submissions providing full explanations.

“It is our goal to support our clients with world-class services across every aspect of their coupon campaigns. CouponFIT continues Coupons, Inc.’s commitment to providing the best technology for our customers,” said Steven Boal, Chief Executive Officer. “In an industry that’s constantly evolving, our cutting-edge services help marketers make the most of their coupons. With these services, we have created the industry’s first true end-to-end solution connected directly to retail point-of-sale systems.”