Coupons, Inc. Debuts Brandcaster, Industry’s First Syndicated Promotion Serving Network

Leading Platform for Printable Coupon Promotions Delivers Revolutionary Ad Network?style Syndication Capabilities for Household Brands

Mountain View, CA, June 2, 2008 – Coupons, Inc., the world’s leading provider of printable coupon marketing and technology solutions, today launched BrandcasterSM, the industry’s first content?relevant promotion serving network. Brandcaster delivers offline promotions to a broad network of online publishers and shoppers on the web and opens up powerful new opportunities for publishers and brands to augment their search and display advertising programs.

Brandcaster, for the first time, marries the ease and flexibility of syndicated display and search advertising with real?time access to hundreds of offers from the leading brand marketers, including Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Kimberly?Clark, Kraft Foods, Clorox, and hundreds of others. Brandcaster ad units get attention, highlighting the offers consumers are most likely to print, providing powerfully high relevance and highly effective use of ad inventory. For publishers, Brandcaster provides a significant new revenue source to replace or supplement their existing ad and search programs.

“Brandcaster is going to play a prominent role in the monetization of our sites. We know our audience responds well to relevant advertising, and coupons provide them with real value in exchange for their engagement with a brand message. Brandcaster complements search and display ads on our site, giving us another tool to maximize the revenue from our advertising inventory,” said Deanna Brown, President, Scripps Networks Interactive.

“For publishers, Brandcaster is a compelling monetization solution that provides a lot of value to their users and can be easily integrated with their existing ad serving systems. For marketers, Brandcaster takes the already compelling value proposition of coupons ? accountably closing the online?offline loop ? to the next level, through adding massive distribution and scale,” said Gokul Rajaram, an advisor on Brandcaster and the former Product Manager for Google AdSense.

Moving coupons beyond the coupon section
”We continue to see very strong results from our online coupon programs to date, and Brandcaster promises to bring a whole new scale to the business,” said Karl Schmidt, Director of Promotion Marketing, General Mills. “We’re leveraging the vast reach and relevancy of the Internet to make a measurable impact on our in?store sales.”

According to a recent Simmons/Experian survey, 86 percent of consumers would be likely to print and use a coupon located within an article or website content relevant to what they’re reading. Brandcaster moves coupons beyond the coupon section, reaching a broader audience and offering brands the opportunity to engage new, incremental audiences ?a new generation of internet?centric consumers.

“For publishers it’s all about form and function, yield and convenience,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Coupons, Inc. “Brandcaster takes the search out of savings, bringing consumers the offers they want on the sites they already visit. For publishers, we’ve married the simplicity of online ad networks with promotions from some of the most well known brands in the world, with the potential to deliver more revenue per impression than search, all within the IAB standard ad formats, the lingua franca of the Internet advertising world.”

For Publishers
Brandcaster operates similarly to the online advertising networks and syndicated search that publishers are already familiar with. Brandcaster automatically selects, formats, and delivers the right offers all the time. Consumers can single?click to print the coupons they want ? where they see them, never leaving the publisher’s site. Brandcaster provides the first opportunity for online publishers to deliver high?quality consumer savings targeted to offline shopping, using a syndication approach on?par with search and display ad delivery ? with higher yielding results while never diverting traffic away from the publisher’s site, an Internet first. Publishers work hard for their site traffic, Brandcaster lets them keep it.

The online promotions market
Printable coupons have proven to be one of the most effective online marketing tools available today. Coupons drive sales and provide incentives to consumers while keeping brand messages intact. Recent research from Collective Media found 59.2 percent of marketers plan to use networks to promote their brands in 2008. Brandcaster is the only promotions network that places products in front of interested consumers in the context of related Web content, allowing advertisers to reach out to consumers with coupons in places they don’t normally see them.