Putting Our Passion and Technology to Work has developed a way to help nonprofits of any size raise more money by making it easy for anyone to contribute, in effect without contributing. What does that mean, exactly? In short, whenever your supporters use our promotional offers, will contribute a portion of the revenue that comes to us. Your supporters don’t donate a dime directly. Instead, when they shop, we give.

Here’s how it works:

We help you implement a link that places a Savings Center on any web property you designate. The Savings Center becomes a valuable fund-raising tool whether added to your online properties or used for more grassroots efforts through the building of individual and team fund-raising pages. Implementation, with a simple JavaScript link, takes just minutes to set up.

The Savings Center becomes yours to tailor and fit to the look and feel of your brand, and you can call it whatever you like. The Savings Center is a place to discover and use promotional offers for everything from grocery items and household products to apparel and electronics. You will find hundreds of offers for in-store shopping as well as online shopping.

When your supporters shop and save using one of the offers on your Savings Center, will pay you. It’s that easy. By shopping with offers on your site, your donors can donate more at no cost to themselves. In fact, the opposite happens—your donors save more while your nonprofit gets more. As we like to say, everybody wins.

By working with, you’ll have access to our experienced team, who will help you set up the most successful fund-raising campaign possible. In addition, we provide an easy-to-read dashboard that includes near-real-time analytics and reporting so you can easily optimize your fund-raising efforts.

In some cases we team up with nonprofit partners to reach a broader audience by featuring campaigns on, which Nielsen has designated a Top 100 web property. We also help drive awareness on social channels and email sends. We always customize to meet your goals.