Close Wants To Know – What Type of Couponer Are You?

Discover Your Couponing Personality and Get a Free One-year Membership to the Savings Club; Sharpen Your Savings Acumen with the New Coupons 101 Guide

Mountain View, CA – September 21, 2012 –, the recognized leader in digital coupons, today revealed a fun and easy way for consumers to uncover their inner couponing persona in honor of September’s National Coupon Month. For anyone who has ever wondered what their savings habits say about them, the couponing personality quiz has the answer, leading consumers to one of four couponing personality traits to best describe their style. Whether new to savings and the world of coupons or a certified super saver able to stretch the family budget to the max, the quiz – accessible via the blog – is a surefire way to kick start savings into full gear.

“National Coupon Month is a great time for everyone to assess their savings style and think about ways they can stretch their budget even further,” said Jeanette Pavini, Household Savings Expert. “I’ve always been a firm believer that couponing shouldn’t feel like a chore, and this quiz is a quick reminder to consumers of just how much fun it can be to save.”

After answering questions about their saving and grocery shopping habits, consumers are led to their final coupon personality, which include:

• Coupon Convert – You’re a newbie to the world of couponing but have quickly discovered the thrill that comes with watching your grocery receipts shrink. You keep an eye out for coupons on the items you tend to buy most but there’s still room for improvement when it comes to maximizing savings and stretching your budget.

• Digital Diva – Your smartphone is glued to your hand at all times, you always know about the newest hot app and it’s no different when it comes to shopping. Your savings stay strictly in the digital realm – you download coupons to your loyalty card, create your grocery list with a mobile app and scour the Internet for coupon codes for online shopping.

• Stone Age Saver – You sit down with your scissors and the newspaper each Sunday to cut out coupons and while your knack for savings is commendable, your technique could stand some updating. Don’t forget the myriad of savings to be had online the next time you’re jotting down your shopping list.

• Super Saver – You get a gold star for stretching your family’s budget to the max! Spending time each week to create a meal plan that matches coupons to what’s on sale in your grocery store’s weekly ad ensures you save big on each shopping trip.

Once consumers have discovered their couponing personality, they are encouraged to share it with by sending an email, following @Coupons and tweeting with hashtag #couponpersonality or posting to the blog. Eligible submissions will receive a coupon code good for a free 1-year membership (a $30 value) to the Savings Club that offers exclusive savings to higher value coupons and other benefits.*

Ready to up the savings ante and get even more bang for your buck? has also created a Coupons 101 guide to help consumers get the most out of their couponing lifestyle, whether they’re beginners or savings veterans.

“There are all different types of couponers out there, and it doesn’t take much to get started or increase your savings,” continued Pavini. “By setting aside 45 minutes each week to download coupons and plan meals around what’s on sale at your grocery store, the average family can save thousands of extra dollars each year.”

Jeanette also recommends setting up a separate couponing email account, signing up for your local grocery store’s loyalty card, and organizing printed coupons in a binder to make them easy to find at checkout. For additional tips, visit the Coupons 101 guide.

* Free Savings Club membership promotion terms and conditions can be viewed at

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