Close to Offer Family Code Management Service to Retailers at No Charge

Move to Help Ensure Coupons Presented at Checkout Match Products Actually Purchased, Saving Retailers and Manufacturers Time and Money

Mountain View, CA – May 6, 2011 – Incorporated, the recognized leader in digital coupons, today announced that it is making its CouponFit™ Retail™ Family Codes Database service available at no charge to retailers. CouponFit Retail provides retailers with accurate, up-to-date family code information for their point of sale (POS) systems to validate that coupons presented at check out by consumers accurately match the products purchased, as defined by the manufacturer. By minimizing mis-redemption of coupons for discounts on unintended products, implementation of family codes benefits everyone—from retailers and manufacturers to consumers.

“When retailers implement family codes into their POS systems, they can ensure the customer is buying the correct item for each specific coupon presented,” said Steven Boal, CEO of “Family codes can reduce deductions for retailers, mis-redemptions for manufacturers, and can benefit everyone. By making our family codes service available to retailers at no charge, we hope to speed the adoption of family codes across the retail industry to enhance and promote couponing for all parties involved.”

The pricing move comes a little more than four years after’s acquisition of J Michels Consulting, a respected, leading authority of family codes and UPC management services. Since, the family codes services team, led still by Jane Michels, has consistently invested in technology and automation improvements to the service, making it more powerful and scalable to support a continually growing database and client roster.

How Family Codes Work

Family codes allow coupon issuers to define which of their products are eligible for specific coupon promotions. These limitations are embedded into the barcodes on coupons. Within a family code, manufacturers can include a single product or, more likely, group “families” of products for eligibility. This allows manufacturers to group products by brand, product variation, product size, or other product attributes.

Consider a beverage manufacturer that offers multiple soda brands (A, B and C), each with multiple variations (flavors or calorie count) and in various sizes (12 oz, 20 oz, or 6, 12 or 24-packs). Without family-code restrictions, a $2.00 coupon could be applied to the purchase of a 12 oz. bottle even though it was meant to apply only to a 24-pack purchase. Family codes ensure that the right coupon amount is applied to the right product.

Benefits of Family Codes

Utilization of family codes offers wide-spread benefits. Retailers can reduce coupon reconciliation issues with manufacturers; manufacturers, in turn, can better control their promotions budgets; and consumers may benefit with more money-saving offers.

For Retailers – Implementing family code data at point of purchase translates to faster monetary settlement for redeemed coupons, with fewer charge backs and deductions during the reconciliation process. In addition, the commitment to cross check family codes communicates to the manufacturer that the retailer is in support of accurate redemptions, fostering good faith with the coupon issuer.

For Manufacturers – Family codes enable manufacturers to target promotions down to the brand, size, or other product attribute level and ensure coupons are not intentionally or mistakenly used for alternative products. As a result, coupons are used the way manufacturers intend.

For Consumers – Increased confidence by manufacturers that their coupons will be redeemed as intended could result in more coupons ultimately being issued, offering more savings opportunities for consumers. Family Codes Database and Service maintains the only true and comprehensive family code database in the country and has been actively constructed and maintained for more than 15 years. The database includes family codes from more than 1,300 manufacturers, spanning hundreds of thousands of products, so retailers can be assured that it is one of the most comprehensive family code databases available.

As part of the CouponFIT Retail service, offers weekly updates to retailer data files, which are automatically customized and generated for each client. In addition, active quality-control measures are executed on both the manufacturer and retailer data to correct errors. Exception processing lists invalid UPC submissions for retailers with full explanations.

More information on the family code services and this no-charge family codes database distribution offer is available can be found at by calling 812-339-2251.

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† Nielsen, July 2011

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