Close Introduces Publishing Industry First: Ability for Online Publishers of Any Size to Add Digital Coupon Galleries to their Sites, in Minutes, For Free

Brandcaster 2.0 Represents a Game Changer for Monetizing Web Traffic with Digital Promotions; Publishers Make Money By Helping Visitors Save It

Mountain View, CA – October 12, 2010 – Incorporated, the recognized leader in digital coupons, today introduced an industry first for Web publishers with a new version of Brandcaster, the company’s free, self-service platform for publishers wanting to monetize their sites or blogs with digital coupons. Brandcaster 2.0 enables publishers to easily create digital coupon galleries that generate revenue on their sites—with little time and effort, no programming knowledge and without any cost whatsoever. As a result, publishers of any size can now offer full digital coupon galleries on their sites, providing valuable money-saving content to visitors, while generating revenue when visitors use the site. Brandcaster is available at

The original Brandcaster was the industry’s first self-service solution to enable online publishers to monetize Web traffic by adding digital coupons within ad units on their sites. Introduced in 2008, Brandcaster currently powers digital coupons on more than 600,000 pages across the Web. Brandcaster 2.0 represents another publishing industry first: the ability to create a full coupon gallery in a self-service environment and easily offer the gallery to visitors.

“This is a quantum leap forward. Before today, it required weeks to deliver a full, branded coupon gallery to an online publisher given the amount of custom design and highly manual development involved. As a result, we were able to satisfy gallery requests for only the highest-volume publishers,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Incorporated. “Brandcaster 2.0 changes the game. It turns what used to take weeks into mere minutes so publishers of any size can now offer full coupon galleries to their visitors. Fast and free, Brandcaster is truly a breakthrough service.”

Key Benefits for Publishers

Brandcaster provides many benefits to online publishers, including the ability to:

• Get Paid When Coupons Are Used. Publishers are paid each time a coupon is used from their site. Many publishers will generate hundreds of dollars a month; others thousands. The amount of revenue depends on a number of factors, including site traffic, content, and visitors’ propensity to print coupons.

• Give Visitors Great Content. Coupons are viewed by millions of American consumers as valued-added content, not advertising units. So publishers are delivering content that visitors want. What’s more, visitors do not leave the site to browse or print coupons, so publishers don’t lose traffic.

• Help Visitors Save Money. American consumers are clamoring for savings today, and more and more are turning to digital coupons online. Digital coupons represent the fastest growing category of coupons: In fact, over $1 billion in savings was printed from and its digital coupon network—which includes Brandcaster affiliates—in the 12 months ending June 30, 2010.

Up and Running in Mere Minutes

With Brandcaster 2.0, a full coupon gallery can typically be live in as little as 10 minutes: simply create a gallery, then paste the automatically generated code into supported publishing software.

• Publishers apply for the Brandcaster Program at by simply entering the appropriate information and agreeing to the Program Terms. Publishers who have already been approved simply need to add a new URL to their existing account or can immediately add a gallery to pre-approved URLs.

• Using the “Savings Center” tab, publishers select the color theme they want and select features they want to activate, such as the ability for visitors to sort coupon offers by category or by brand, and then click the “Create Savings Center” button.

• Within seconds the required JavaScript is automatically generated, and the publisher simply pastes the 7 lines of code into their web-publishing software or blogging system that supports JavaScript.

Brandcaster populates the gallery with the same money-saving offers found on and updates offers continually.

“As long as you know how to paste seven lines of JavaScript into your site or blog, you can generate and go live with a branded coupon gallery that looks almost like within minutes,” said Bruce Sattley, vice president of product management at “That’s why Brandcaster 2.0 is so remarkable.”

New Saving Vehicles to Come

In addition to printable coupons, also offers Save to Card coupons, Local coupons, Daily Deals and Coupon Codes. When these additional savings vehicles are made available to Brandcaster publishers in the future, existing coupon galleries will automatically be updated. Publishers will not need to do anything to take advantage of these additional revenue-generating features of