Our Mission, Culture and DNA

At Quotient, we’re using technology to reshape shopping and commerce. Our company pioneered the digital transformation of the promotions industry, beginning with coupons that shoppers print at home. Today we do that and much more—processing enormous amounts of data to understand what shoppers will buy next and delivering the most relevant and personalized offers possible. Our scale is unmatched.

Our newest initiative, called Retailer iQ, is an enterprise-level suite of digital tools that we launched in 2014 and have now rolled out in major grocery, drug, dollar and mass retailers. With Retailer iQ, digital offers can be redeemed seamlessly at checkout, and the shopper data available for targeting and analysis becomes deeper and richer.

Read about Retailer iQ and all our solutions here.

Where do you fit in? We’re looking for the best people across the board—in sales, product, engineering and e-commerce functions and so on. For developers we offer an opportunity to work on products that can help most of the households in the country and plenty abroad as well. And we need professionals who can sell such solutions to big brands and major retailers.

As we work to extend our lead in digital promotions, we strive to create a culture in which people feel challenged and driven by a shared purpose and shared goals. As a result our employees love what they do and enjoy working with the people they do it with.

Our culture also emphasizes working to give back to our communities and to one another. We help our neighbors. It’s part of who we are.