Card Linked Offers

We distribute offers for merchants and restaurants that shoppers can quickly add to their favorite Visa, American Express and MasterCard credit or debit cards. Consumers register their cards through the website or with our mobile app, which they can easily do while shopping.

Once offers are added with a tap or click, shoppers get their savings or reward when checking out in-store or online. It doesn’t matter whether they’re swiping their credit card or paying with a mobile payment system linked to their card. They get the savings either way. Card Linked Offers can promote storewide discounts and reach the millions of people who engage daily with our site,, our mobile applications or the thousands of affiliate sites across our publishing network.

Distributed on our site or across our network, these offers effectively drive traffic and additional purchases. In the mobile app, geo-tagging can trigger alerts whenever a shopper is near a location that has an available offer. So when a deal is available, the offers work to remind interested shoppers that you are nearby.

To manage your Card Linked offers, we operate a platform called CardLink iQ® that requires no Point-of-Sale (POS) configuration or staff training and, most important, does not increase checkout times. All data is securely stored. The CardLink iQ platform includes a full analytics package, providing insights on everything from redemptions to consumer shopping trends and spending habits. With CardLink iQ you pay only for success. It is a pure pay-for-performance model.

Using our platform, you:

• Determine Your Offer—Decide on the type of offer. (For example, a dollar amount off or 10% off a minimum spend, and so on). Set the terms of use (is it reloadable or for onetime use?).

• Set Campaign Timing—Depending on your marketing calendar, you can designate a 30-, 60- or 90-day or evergreen offer.

• Bolster, Track Your Campaigns—You can add links to your offers in your marketing materials, whether in emails or across social channels; this enables you to track how Card Linked Offers are driving sales in-store or online.


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