The Monster Makeup Mash: Trending Beauty Products for Halloween 2020

A woman with a modern witch costume including a wig and dark lipstick.

For beauty-invested consumers, Halloween is like their Super Bowl. However, much like football fans this year, makeup lovers are wondering what their most anticipated event will look like.  

Although brands may be a little spooked by the thought of Halloween beauty sales taking a hit this year due to COVID-19, we anticipate shoppers to still be looking for creative releases through makeup—including serving looks over virtual calls, creating festive faces for small gatherings and stylizing their face masks and shields for the spooky season.  

We’ve analyzed our first-party shopper, retailer and point-of-sale data to uncover insights about the types of Halloween beauty content that consumers will be looking for. Read on to discover what boo-tiful trends we predict will boost cosmetic and skincare sales in 2020 and how brands can pivot their campaign strategy to promote creative and COVID-compliant content.  


Despite concerns that lipstick sales are on the decline due to the widespread usage of face masks, we expect lipstick to still have its time to shine this year—especially at small Halloween gatherings and virtual Halloween happy hours. Our data shows that “lipstick” sales increased 43% around Halloween in 2019. In order to adapt this trend for 2020, brands can promote a variety of looks based on consumers’ experience levels with makeup.  

A woman woman that used lipstick to create a deer Halloween look.
Shoppers are expected to incorporate lipstick into their Halloween looks at smaller gatherings and virtual celebrations that don’t require a face mask.

Lipstick is a great way for consumers to achieve everything from simple, not-so-scary looks to complicated lip designs. For as easy as it is to throw on lip color, shoppers can take it a step further by creating graphic pop art lips, etching designs like spiked teeth on their pout or illustrating an animal mouth with their trusty tube of lipstick. CPG brands can also inspire shoppers with imagery of scary-good makeup looks and social media contests to display consumer’s cosmetic creativity. 

Halloween also offers the perfect opportunity for audiences to step outside of their comfort zones and experiment with bold lip colors like a shade of deep green, black, lavender or bright blue. CPGs can inspire shoppers to experiment with unique lipstick colors through collaborating with influencers on fun and funky looks like abstract facial creations, colorful candy skulls, artistic aliens and more. Costume makeup experienced a 474% increase in social media engagement during the 2019 Halloween time period. For shoppers who are just getting started in the lipstick game, CPG brands can even share helpful tips like “how to prevent lipstick from transferring onto your mask.” 

Eye Makeup  

Makeup lovers enjoy playing up their eyes on the day-to-day, but Halloween takes it to another level. “Eye makeup” and “eyelashes” increase in sales 20% and 24% respectively around Halloween in 2019.  

A woman in a Halloween costume and protective face mask.
Consumers are anticipated to play up their eyes at Halloween events that require protective face coverings.

Due to the ongoing usage of face masks, we predict that consumers are going to place an even heavier focus on their eye makeup this year. Brands can capitalize on this trend with fun eye looks like bold cat eyes, eye gems, thick strips of false eyelashes and eyelid designs accomplished with eyeliner and eyeshadow. For more intricate eye makeup, CPG brands can even team up with beauty influencers to guide audiences step-by-step through looks and recommend trustworthy products.  

Makeup Remover  

Finally, shoppers love to rock creative makeup looks on Halloween night—but they certainly don’t want their crafted creations to haunt them the following day. That’s where makeup remover and good skincare comes in. 

Great makeup all comes down to the underlying foundation—which is skin! Leading up to the big day, shoppers typically practice their makeup looks or have multiple functions that encourage them to come in costume. This year, some of those functions may even be virtual. Since Halloween makeup is notoriously heavy and can be difficult to remove, “makeup remover” experienced an 18% sales lift in 2019 as shoppers practice good skincare.  

To prepare shoppers for their drop-dead gorgeous looks, skincare brands can share content on how to prep skin for heavy makeup as well as tips for properly removing eyelash glue, face paint, glued down eyebrows, face gems and more.  

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*Sales Lift is calculated by taking the percentage change in average sales October 2019 compared to the average sales during the other months of the year. Lift for Social Data is calculated by taking the percent change in social engagement during October 2019 compared to the other months of the year.