Spotlight on Lenin Gali, Quotient’s Newest Engineering Leader

Lenin Gali, VP of Data EngineeringLenin Gali is so data-obsessed that he likes to talk and think about data in his spare time. Yes, that’s what he does for fun. Lenin is a data-junkie through and through, which is why Quotient is thrilled that he has become our VP of data engineering, based in our Mountain View, California, headquarters.

In this role, Lenin is responsible for our data engineering and business intelligence teams, which maintain the data infrastructure that powers Quotient Retailer iQ.

Lenin joined Quotient because data is at the core of Quotient’s business, and, as he sees it, its biggest opportunity. More specifically, Lenin is looking at ways to use data to simplify and improve the shopping experience while increasing sales for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and retailers. “We are trying to build data-driven products to influence how consumers shop,” said Lenin.

He’s been around data for more than 15 years – before “big data” was a term. Most recently, Lenin was senior director of enterprise data & analytics services at Ubisoft, where he was responsible for making data a strategic objective for the organization. Prior to Ubisoft, he oversaw infrastructure and analytics at social sharing service Sharethis.

Lenin holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from Bangalore University. He reports to Vivek Gupta, Quotient’s VP of Engineering. In addition to talking about data, he writes about it. You can read his latest posts on LinkedIn here.

– The Quotient News Team