Quotient Partner Dollar General Cites Digital Coupon Strength in 2016 Earnings Report

DG exterior-2327_final

Dollar General, a longtime partner of Quotient, today reported strong earnings for its fiscal 2016 and the fourth quarter. You can read the details on DG’s website, or on business news sites such as CNBC. The part that really excites us at Quotient is the benefit DG is seeing from its digital coupon program, which runs on our Retailer iQ platform.

Shoppers, eager to save, have been signing up at DG at a brisk pace – and, importantly, spending more than other shoppers. We’ve seen this across our Retailer iQ network, and it’s great to see it validated in public.

Here’s what DG CEO Todd Vasos had to say about digital coupons on the company’s call with investors:

In 2016, our digital coupon enrollment increased over 200% as we continued to expand our customer engagement through this innovative program that we brought to the channel. Importantly, the average basket for our digital coupon transactions continues to run more than 2 times higher than our average basket, indicating that our customers appreciate the value being offered.

The Quotient News Team