Quotient Launches Digital, Multi-Trip Continuity Offers

Continuity offers, which reward shoppers after they’ve spent a given dollar amount on a brand or bought a given number of items over a set time period, aren’t a new concept in the promotions world. What is new with the launch of our digital continuity offers is that we’ve improved a once analog-only promotion, leveraging the power and advantages of digital to create a product that helps drive both retailer store trips and CPG goals.

Digital allows us to message shoppers when they’re most receptive, track shoppers’ offer progress and drive them back into the store. This helps brands and retailers:

  • Drive awareness – Digital ads fueled by our exclusive purchase data and purchase intent data help brands and retailers build awareness of their campaign, engaging a potential verified audience of 70MM+ for targeted media campaigns in the U.S.
  • Track loyalty – Our technology and retailer partnerships make it possible to reward shoppers over a period of time at all of our retail partners on the Quotient Retailer iQ platform. And a progress meter front and center on the retailer’s website, mobile site and/or app tracks shoppers’ progress towards their reward and serves as a persistent reminder to complete the program.
  • Drive additional trips – An automated email, which also acts as another touchpoint to message consumers, alerts shoppers when they’ve achieved their reward. To be redeemed on a return trip, the reward guarantees shoppers will make a second trip to the retailer’s store.


From beginning to end, Continuity Offers deliver consistent, cohesive messaging to drive volume, loyalty and multiple trips – a win for both brands and retailers.