Q&A: Geoff McHale, VP, Data Client Partnerships

Geoff oversees Quotient’s client partnerships for the new CPG/retailer audience data product, Quotient Audiences. Here, Geoff answers questions relating to his expertise in the field, and the work Quotient has done to build a differentiated product offering in a crowded market.

How did you get your start in this field?

I’ve always been interested in the media industry and have been fortunate to spend the last 20 years helping marketers target specific audiences and convert leads into sales. The evolution of the industry has been fascinating and fun to be part of.  The last 10 years, I have focused most of my time on data, audiences and insights at Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), comScore and IRI. During my tenure at ODC, I helped to lead their CPG initiatives focused on data, attention metrics and Data Management Platform sales.

What do you believe is the most challenging part of working in this field?

Transparency and data scale.  There is a lot of competition in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) data space and it’s hard for CPG’s to understand the value they are receiving from data partners. Quotient is different. It provides a level of transparency into the data that other data partners haven’t historically provided. 

Additionally, with over 100M buyers with purchase history and/or intent to buy, Quotient provides the industry leading scale to reach buyers deterministically or when utilizing a seed for modeled audience. 

Quotient recently launched Quotient Audiences.  How does this offering differ from other products in the market?

Quotient’s data powered audience solution provides CPG brands more effective ways to deliver digital advertising that converts into sales.

At Quotient, we have a market leading footprint of over 100 million CPG buyers. Quotient Audiences offers unparalleled scale and depth of consumer purchase history and intent to construct targetable shopper segments for use in digital advertising across all platforms. Audience segments are built using item level purchase data (offline and online) from transactions within stores representing $150 billion of total sales per year, and from Quotient’s proprietary digital promotions network where more than 75% of all CPG digital coupons are activated.

Only Quotient can combine this deep CPG purchase data, captured though its exclusive retail partnerships, with purchase intent data from tens of millions of consumers through its own digital coupon platform.

What are the new Quotient Audiences product offerings?

We’re launching with unique product offerings that are designed to meet the needs of CPG marketers, including:

  • CPG Syndicated Segments: a library of 2,500+ purchase-based segments available across multiple CPG segments and brands. These syndicated segments are built from Quotient’s data representing 100 million CPG buyers, and are available to activate from all major commercial demand side platforms (DSPs) in their self-service environments.
  • CPG Custom Segments: a new offering that provides unlimited enhanced audience segments created   from Quotient’s data to meet the specific objectives of CPG brands and activated from all major DSPs. CPG brand data can be combined with Quotient data and other third-party data in a secure custom data management platform (DMP) to enrich segments further.

 Why is this solution important to CPG Marketers?

In today’s environment marketers are trying to get closer to the consumer. Many of the CPG manufacturers lack first-party data and a way to make meaningful one-on-one connections with the end consumer. CPGs need to demonstrate that they can grow brand penetration.

Quotient’s industry leading Quotient Audiences provides the conduit that enables CPGs to connect with consumers, and increase penetration or buy-rate in their programmatic or social media campaigns

Recently, Quotient partnered with Nielsen on Audiences. Can you expand a bit on the partnership with Nielsen?

Through this new strategic partnership, Nielsen will bring Quotient’s omni-channel purchase intelligence into its audience and performance measurement to allow clients to deliver on the next frontier of data-driven marketing. Bringing together Quotient’s retailer powered data set of over 100 million buyers and its media and promotions activation platforms with Nielsen measurement solutions, this strategic partnership will provide advertisers and agencies with access to consumer insights, enabling incremental sales through more sophisticated, data-powered marketing at scale.

The strategic partnership will also extend to Nielsen’s analytics, activation and planning solutions including Nielsen Marketing Cloud and Nielsen Media Impact. Nielsen customers will be able to seamlessly access Quotient Audiences more than 2,500 CPG ready-buyer segments through the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. By bringing together the companies’ product and data offerings, Nielsen and Quotient will be able to provide advertisers, publishers and platforms with greater comparability across media channels and coverage across the retail space, including 20,000 stores across the United States. Nielsen is leveraging lift measurement and activation services that use Quotient data available to clients beginning on September 1, 2019.