3 Tactics to Boost Your Holiday Campaign

With the anticipated rise in holiday celebrations driving demand and lingering supply chain snarls impacting merchandise availability, Q4 is primed for opportunity if brands can deploy the right tactics. Quotient’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Tom Limongello, and Regional Vice President of Business Development, Chris Frericks, recently hosted a webinar to share easy tactics that brands can use to boost their holiday campaign planning. 

Watch the full webinar recording below and read on for their insights. 


Amplify Promotions to Inform Shoppers of Savings  

Perhaps spurred by consumers’ anticipation of resuming celebrations, the holiday shopping season is starting earlier in 2021 compared to previous years. For brands, this opens up the possibility of winning share and driving value for shoppers as long as they can stay agile in the face of potential disruptions like inflation and supply-chain constrictions. 

The webinar kicked off by introducing three tactics that brands can leverage this holiday season, beginning with the use of media add-ons to amplify promotional messaging. This tactic allows brands to not only inform shoppers of relevant offers at the right time and place but also drive awareness of multiple offers by curating them in one easy-to-find place. 

Advertisers can use this tactic to increase brand basket size and drive trial for newer SKUs within their portfolio by leveraging curated rich media and full-featured brand landing pages to Quotient’s targeted category buyers. For example, a food brand could share holiday-themed recipes to increase engagement on their landing page. Curating multiple offers or SKUs on a single landing page also gives brands the flexibility to appeal to many different consumers at once, further driving engagement and sales. 

"The need for spending goes hand-in-hand with the need for savings, and inflation does one thing: it drives up the rate at which consumers are going to be spending."
—Chris Frericks, RVP of Business Development at Quotient

Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds with DOOH  

The second tactic recommended by the panelists was digital out-of-home (DOOH). Because DOOH supports programmatic capabilities, advertisers can be flexible and agile on the platform. According to a Quotient survey, more than 90% of consumers are still making in-person shopping trips, and more than 80% report noticing out-of-home (OOH) ads more than before the pandemic. These ads are highly persuasive; over 60% of consumers who notice OOH ads say they are likely to purchase those products on their shopping trip. For brands, this underscores the importance of reaching shoppers at the right time in order to influence their purchase. 

"The No. 1 variable in terms of how effective your messaging is at reaching consumers starts and ends with your creative. You’ve got to have a message and creative that’s relevant for the season and what your shoppers want to hear in order to change their behavior."
—Chris Frericks, RVP of Business Development at Quotient

By using a combination of loyalty card data and geo-location data, advertisers can target verified brand buyers in the right locations. Then, they can overlay the retailer store map with available DOOH screens to reach those buyers in close proximity to stores with messaging that’s relevant for the holiday season. Advertisers can even use mobile amplification in combination with their DOOH campaign to retarget exposed consumers on their mobile device and link back to an earlier touchpoint, such as a promotional offer. 

Frericks shared a recent case study in which a beverage brand used DOOH properties to achieve a $7.02 return on ad spend (ROAS). The brand targeted adult beverage category buyers in 10 major-market cities using billboards, street furniture and place-based screens within a three-mile radius of select retail banner locations to drive in-store visitation and sales. The end result was 43.1 million total impressions delivered and $2.92 million in attributed brand sales.

Boost Your Share of Voice with Sponsored Search  

The final tactic is to sufficiently invest in sponsored search on retailer-owned properties. Because eCommerce experienced such dramatic growth during the pandemic, marketers now need to elevate their brand’s placement online. Ninety percent of purchase decisions begin with search, 80% of clicks happen on the first page and 64% of clicks are on the top three items. By investing in sponsored search, brands have an opportunity to shift buying behavior and get their products added to consumers’ shopping lists. 

In a recent case study, a holiday coffee brand used sponsored search to boost their share of voice on the retailer’s website—resulting in a $2.39 ROAS and $72,000 in sales for their limited-edition seasonal flavor.

Ultimately, both panelists agreed there are many ways that brands can capitalize on last-minute opportunities this holiday season. The key is planning ahead and having a series of flexible tactics that you can quickly deploy to connect with shoppers at the right time and place. 

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