Packs of Inspiration

The holidays are known as the “season of giving”—giving gifts to loved ones as well as giving back to our communities and those in need. This year, we teamed up with WeHero and the Feeding America Network to host our first ever “Packs of Inspiration” virtual volunteering event to help fight food insecurity.

Fighting Food Insecurity 

Earlier this month, over 120 Quotient employees came together to assemble Packs of Inspiration. The packs included a variety of food items to be delivered to people across the country. The event kicked off with a presentation from the WeHero team outlining the Packs of Inspiration initiative, the severity of food insecurity across America and the powerful role that food plays in all our lives. In addition to assembling food packs, volunteers wrote letters of encouragement to the recipients and shared random acts of kindness that they had recently encountered.

Volunteers were able to decorate the pantry-item filled bags and include additional items to add a personal touch.

Some employees were joined by their children, partners and pets. We were grateful for the opportunity to come together from different cities across the U.S. to take part in this event. Though this year has provided considerable challenges to volunteering, we were happy to find a way to give back with this unique virtual experience. Quotient volunteers put together hundreds of packs to be delivered to various homeless shelters and food banks across the country.

Supporting the Communities Around Us

In 2019, hunger affected over 35 million Americans. This year, the number is estimated to be closer to 50 million Americans due to the effects of COVID-19. We applaud the work of WeHero and the Feeding America Network’s mission to reduce this adversity, and we feel inspired to continue making a difference beyond this event.

Despite this year’s shift to a predominately remote lifestyle, we are thankful for the chance to come together for a good cause. Thank you to all the Quotient employees who took the time to volunteer and make a positive impact in the communities we live and work in.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!