P2PX 2019: Quotient’s Top Takeaways

Chicago was cold, but P2PX was hot! It was a jam-packed day and a half, filled with many fresh faces and an upbeat energy. For those who weren’t able to make it to the show, here are our top takeaways and highlights from this year’s expo:

1. CPGs testing new unconventional approaches to drive first purchase

Addressing the challenges of new product launches with declining influence of in-store sampling and retailtainment, Kraft-Heinz highlighted one of their recent success stories using a digital-first approach to launching a new salad dressing that grew brand awareness and ultimately revenue. Through targeted online crowdsourcing, they were able to incentivize reviewers already most likely to love the new product, driving consumers to purchase in-store.

They then shared their enthusiastic reviews with their communities online. Not only was Kraft-Heinz successfully able to get their new salad dressing in the hands of their customers, but the platform they created enabled their customers to post their influential reviews about the dressing and ultimately become brand ambassadors, driving further sales of the new product.

2. Drug stores shift focus with a new approach to health and wellness

During her opening P2PX Keynote, Alyssa Raine,  Acting CMO for Walgreens, spoke about the importance of balancing the human aspect of customer experience with the rise of technology today. To provide best-in-class customer experience, Walgreens is leaning on three core principles driving their brand: empathy (focused on human connection), using technology to connect you to the right care when you need it most, and personalization to “meet you where you are.”

By creating a full-service health and wellness experience, Walgreens is able to be the essential trusted resource in their customers’ lives. These new resources span from:

  • Introducing an easily accessible new way to “Find Care Now” through dynamic search
  • Providing direct access to fill needed prescriptions at their onsite pharmacy
  • Listing clear and transparent drug pricing
  • Enabling their customers pick up any other needed supplies all in one seamless trip

With an evolving customer focus shifting toward healthier lifestyles and unmet needs for full service health offerings, Walgreens and other drug stores are taking many steps toward providing robust and convenient health and wellness offerings for their customers. In addition to their full-service pharmacy, Walgreens has stopped selling e-cigarettes in an effort to promote a more holistic health-focused lifestyle.

They’re not the only drug store taking dramatic steps. CVS has also stopped selling cigarettes, which was an estimated loss of $2B in sales revenue over the full year. CVS spoke during P2PX about creating an effective and engaging shopping experience, putting their customers on the path to better health, while still ensuring messaging is aligned with their major manufacturer partners. This is a big step in a new direction for both retailers and will majorly impact their customers in a positive and healthy way.

3. Quotient’s Keynote Presentations

Our team was excited to share our latest insights during our two engaging content sessions at this year’s show. Quotient’s newest e-commerce CPG Brand Partnerships Leader Harrison Sebring and Albertsons Business GM Paul Koop led the session on Retail E-Commerce Marketing for CPGs – highlighting our work with Albertsons in today’s rapidly growing grocery e-commerce space.

Did you know that grocery e-commerce is predicted to be the fastest growing e-commerce category over the next 5 years? Harrison and Paul discussed the significance of sponsored search and other essential components of a successful grocery e-commerce strategy as well as the “secret sauce” – leveraging retailer POS data to enable mid-low funnel sales conversion.

Next up, Paul Koop and Albertsons Shopper Marketing Manager Dan Massimino laid out today’s rapidly developing Retail Media landscape. They shared real-life examples and insights on how to better understand the true value proposition and potential of retail media solutions, how to better evaluate measurement capabilities and metrics ROI, and best practices for optimizing your own campaigns. They also delved into the evolution of creative ad targeting from broadly impersonal demographic-based to probabilistic models to today’s sophisticated and hyper-personalized 1:1 deterministic data-driven approach.

We’re always happy to present with one of our valued Retail Performance Media (RPM) partners, and we’d argue that Dan was one of the most engaging and entertaining presenters of the entire show. Side note: Dan also used to be a fifth-grade teacher, so needless to say, he knows how to keep an audience’s attention!

4. BIG Bar

To escape the cold (and avoid going outside), Quotient hosted our very first “official” happy hour at BIG Bar to further connect with clients, both old and new. It was great to have face time not only with our fellow P2PX attendees, but also many of our Chicago based accounts to celebrate the close of a successful 2019!

5. Rainn Wilson

Calling all The Office fans! Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) opened day two with his keynote highlighting his company SoulPancake. They’re a digital marketing company that creates “feel-good” content focused on bringing joy, inspiration, love, and creativity into the world. (Remember Kid President?) Their work with Panera demonstrated how all brands can incorporate meaningful purpose and a focus on helping others into their campaigns. Dwight has come a long way since Dunder Mifflin…

Wishing you a happy and successful close of the year, hope to connect with you soon!


-The Quotient Team