New Year, New App

New year, new app

Our new app is here. We overhauled the app, redesigned with a focus on digital paperless coupons, making it easier for shoppers to save on the go. Instead of printing coupons, shoppers can save by:

  • Adding coupons to their grocery store loyalty cards that are automatically redeemed at checkout in stores such as Dollar General, Food Lion, Kroger, Safeway and Winn-Dixie
  • Scanning store receipts from Target and Walmart for cash back on promoted items

Additional features and improvements include:

  • Organization – Users’ clipped coupons are now organized by their favorite store and into shopping lists, serving as a reminder of what to buy when they’re in store. When shoppers are on their lists, the app goes into “Shop Mode,” which prevents their phone from going to sleep so the list can be referenced during the entire shopping trip.
  • Receipt-scanning – This lets shoppers redeem offers at a number of stores, including those without loyalty card programs (such as Target and Walmart) by scanning their receipt from the app for cash back.
  • Enhanced security – A one-time device verification improves security and minimizes fraud.


The app helps get brands’ offers into shoppers’ hands when it matters most, driving sales. To get your brands’ offers in the app, just run a digital coupon campaign with us for an automatic extension. Download the app today to see how easy it is to save.

The Quotient News Team

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