Drive up to 2X Product Trial among Targeted Buyers with Quotient’s New-Product Maximizer

Launching a new product is not easy. More than 10,000 new products hit retail shelves each year, but fewer than 10 see more than $100 million in year-one sales.1 We hear from Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs) consistently that they need digital solutions that set them up for successful product launches.

At Quotient, we’ve created just that – a scalable digital solution that supports new product launches and drives trial with a reach of more than 100 million verified shoppers and buyers2 using our unique integrated technology, proprietary shopper data and years of experience working with CPGs and major retailers.

Quotient’s New-Product Maximizer reaches shoppers pre-, during, and post-sale using exclusive data-driven programming, targeted media and promotions to build and sustain measurable new product trial:

  • Target Ready Buyer and Category Buyer audiences with Quotient’s proprietary shopper data reaching 100+ million shoppers.
  • Reach shoppers in contextual and brand-safe environments including on and within retailer’s own sites and apps that are part of Quotient’s Retailer iQ Network.
  • Deliver personalized, shopper-focused mobile and desktop creative, including embedded digital coupons, product shots, galleries, store maps and more, all powered by powered by Crisp.
  • Use our new product impact reports to understand your results, including audience reach, new buyer trial reporting4 and digital coupon performance.

Plus, much more. There isn’t a single best product launch strategy—but there’s no doubt that a strong and comprehensive digital component is key to making it happen. Ready to drive up to 2X trial4 and set your next product launch up for success?

For more information please contact your Quotient representative, or contact us directly:

Call Jim Selden at: 646-300-4019
Or email us at: [email protected].

1 IRI Worldwide
2 Quotient internal reporting
3 Pending feasibility
4 Quotient Analytic Reporting (April 2018)