New Industry Research: Digital Coupon Adoption Rising


Recent research from Valassis and William Blair, a financial services firm, aimed to uncover consumer couponing trends. The upshot: Shoppers increasingly prefer digital paperless coupons. Equally split in their preference, 37% of consumers like getting coupons from newspaper inserts, and 37% prefer digital paperless coupons, a 19% lift from the previous year. And more than a third of those shoppers who prefer digital paperless said they’re using more of them than they did a year ago.1

Other highlights from the reports include:

  • Year-over-year coupon growth – 87% of coupon users indicated they were using more coupons at grocery stores this year than in the previous year2

  • Digital coupon users are the heaviest users of coupons – 41% of respondents who use coupons at the grocery store “almost every time I go” primarily use digital coupons, compared with 37% for Sunday circular coupons2

  • Digital coupons drive brand-lift for retailers – 33% of respondents who primarily use digital coupon apps said their opinion of retailers “definitely improved” after using the apps, compared with 8% for those who primarily use Sunday circular coupons2

  • Shoppers increasingly going digital – 35% of shoppers have increased their use of the internet to find coupons1

  • Coupons drive trial – 86% of consumers say coupons have influenced them to try a new product1

With nine out of ten grocery shoppers using coupons in some form,1 digital coupons remain an influence for shoppers.

1 Source: 2K17 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report, 2017
2 Source: William Blair, Proprietary Survey Highlights Digital Coupon Adoption Rising, April 12, 2017