Case Study: Mondelez's Recipe for Retail Media and Promotional Success

During the Path to Purchase Institute’s 2021 Retailer Media forum, we were excited to sit down with Mondelez and go behind the scenes of OREO’s real-life sweet success this year.

Quotient’s CEO and Founder, Steven Boal, teamed up with two of Mondelez’s Shopper Marketing Leads, Steve McGowan and Anne Martin, to talk through how they integrated a national media and promotional campaign with shopper-level marketing to drive success for the OREO THINS portfolio.

Mondelez Reaches Consumers with Omnichannel Strategies 

For many people, OREO is a household brand. It has been around for 109 years, sold over 450 billion cookies and is the number one cookie in the world. And while their best-selling flavor still remains the classic OREO cookie, McGowan said that Mondelez stays relevant by finding new ways for consumers to interact with their brand—whether that’s through new packaging or creating new cookie varieties like OREO THINS.  

According to Martin, OREO THINS are targeted towards a different segment than their original counterpart. They’re thinner, lighter and more permissible—perfect for young adult buyers. Mondelez teamed up with Quotient to increase the household penetration of their  OREO THINS label using omnichannel tactics. The campaign started with a national digital promotion. Shopper marketers then amplified that national offer—bringing it down to a customer-specific offer that drove conversion at the local level.

“We’ve seen strong ROI when we do a cohesive omnichannel brand-building campaign that reaches shoppers throughout the path to purchase, both from a national perspective as well as a local perspective. And the linkage to those offers targeting digital communication to specific category shoppers, as well as that linkage to in-store execution leveraging our DSD salesforce, really drives in-store as well as online sales.”
—Steve McGowan, RVP of Omni Shopper Activation and Strategic Partnerships at Mondelez

The campaign drove compelling engagement for the brand—including millions of media and ad impressions to consumers and many millions of consumers looking for savings on OREO. Hundreds of thousands of shoppers bought the brand during the period and redeemed the offer, with a large percentage of new buyers to the OREO franchise. 

Strong Retailer Partnerships Drive Incremental Growth

Mondelez also worked in collaboration with major national retailers to amplify the national promotional offer in combination with the retailers’ performance media. During the session, Martin shared that they targeted the retailers’ shoppers and looked at how they intersected with Mondelez’s brand segments to unlock the potential to drive trips and increase awareness of promoted items. 

“The key to these merchandising events is leveraging that digital consumer experience to drive meaningful and measurable in-store sales velocity during the event. We wanted to make sure we were gaining new shoppers for the brand, especially with the focus on OREO THINS that’s a little bit of a different segment, and driving increased long-term volume over time.”
—Anne Martin, Customer Director of Shopper Marketing at Mondelez

Mondelez also worked with Quotient and the retailers to ensure their tactics had advanced measurement and analytics. With the current capabilities, they focused their on-site display media to various placements like the aisle pages, search results and more to take advantage of the national offer. They amplified the performance of the digital coupon through integrated media to the retailers’ shoppers to drive incremental OREO displays. According to Martin, the combination of on-site and off-site media driving to their brand landing page helped ensure that OREO was getting into the market and, more importantly, into shoppers’ baskets. 

Digital Delivers Insight to Inform Future Campaign Planning

This campaign drove strong initial results for Mondelez. They saw a high volume of redemptions and strong in-store and eCommerce sales. In addition to these KPIs, both Martin and McGowan said that Mondelez also gained a lot of valuable data from the campaign. 

For the OREO THINS team, this was their first foray into a truly integrated national and shopper campaign. In addition to positive results, it also gave them a blueprint for how to plan similar campaigns in the future. Moving forward, McGowan said that Mondelez’s focus will be on how to link marketing and merchandising in order to leverage media to drive awareness of promotional offers and push consumers to convert on the back end—either in-store or online.

“Working with Quotient and being able to provide that closed loop measurement is key. As a shopper marketing team, we’re not just focusing on ROAS but the incrementality of that. We look at how this campaign was truly incremental to the prior period and prior year to see the lift. With Quotient’s ability to tie together closed loop measurement and drive a performance-based model, it really reinforces whether the digital working media is meeting the consumer on their path to purchase across [the retailers’] digital properties.”
—Anne Martin, Customer Director of Shopper Marketing at Mondelez

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