Case Study: Mondelez Captures Attributable Sales with Digital Out-of-Home

One of digital advertising’s greatest powers is providing marketers with deeper insight into consumer behavior. Such was the case for Mondelez and its recent digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign for belVita breakfast biscuits. 

Yolanda Angulo, Director of Consumer Marketing at Mondelez, and Joseph Dressler, General Manager of Retail at Quotient, explored how Mondelez combined Quotient’s proprietary location intelligence and exclusive first-party retailer purchase data to expand their DOOH measurement capabilities beyond traditional foot traffic metrics and into the exciting new world of attributable sales. 

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This panel discussion was part of the DPAA’s CPG DOOH Event. Click here to watch the full session.

DOOH Proves Relevance Amid Pandemic Restrictions

  • Campaign: belVita DOOH 
  • Objective: Drive belVita sales at Stop & Shop, Giant Food, Giant and Martin’s—the banner stores of Ahold Delhaize USA
  • Media Strategy: Utilize highly visible billboards, street furniture and place-based screens to reach banner loyalists and highly indexed nutrition bar buyers when they are within 5 miles of selected banner store locations.

Like many advertisers, Mondelez had its media plans disrupted when the pandemic first hit due to COVID-related supply chain challenges. The company’s belVita brand specifically experienced an additional hurdle: it was being marketed as an on-the-go breakfast biscuit at a time when many people were staying home. 

Despite many people turning to online shopping to minimize in-person interactions and eCommerce sales experiencing a massive boom, the brand noticed that a large percentage of belVita sales remained in-store. This confirmed to Mondelez that DOOH remained a relevant channel.

"Out of that decline with on-the-go products, we started to talk about opportunities to drive awareness and bring back belVita breakfast biscuits as the on-the-go cookie or biscuit through DOOH."
Yolanda Angulo, Director of Consumer Marketing at Mondelez

So, the brand decided to test and learn with DOOH to better understand how they could reach consumers at multiple points along their shopper journey as they traveled to the store, shopped the aisles and made their purchases. 

Advanced Measurement Moves DOOH into the Modern Era

In order for the Mondelez team to successfully activate on DOOH, they had to know how their media spend was influencing consumers in stores and at the registers. That’s where Quotient came in.

"It wasn’t just digital billboards. There were walking billboards and billboards at different locations that were across and through a shopper’s path to purchase."
Yolanda Angulo, Director of Consumer Marketing at Mondelez

Quotient created a programmatic DOOH campaign that enabled the Mondelez team to make changes on the fly—whether that was optimizing certain types of creative, adjusting targeting parameters or turning ads on or off in specific markets as the landscape changed. 

More importantly, Mondelez was able to measure the impact of these ads thanks to Quotient’s proprietary location intelligence, which uses 10B daily US mobile location signals for geotargeting, and exclusive purchase data, which tracks 89B+ retail transactions at the point-of-sale annually. Through Quotient’s retailer partnerships, this information could be tied to loyalty card data to understand what consumers bought after seeing the ads, providing Mondelez with valuable insights to inform future campaign planning. 

The brand also paired its DOOH efforts with always-on sponsored search to ensure the campaign made the most of an omnichannel strategy to connect with consumers. 

"Attributable sales in digital out-of-home is a brand-new concept. It was always foot traffic. The reality is, attributable sales finally shows us what actions exposed consumers take after they see the ads."
Joseph Dressler, General Manager of Retail at Quotient

Ultimately, the Mondelez team was able to target 646 unique screens that were indexed for belVita ad campaign targeting parameters, enabling them to efficiently connect with banner loyalists and nutrition and breakfast bar buyers at the right time and place. The campaign also unlocked future opportunities for the Mondelez team, opening up broader possibilities with DOOH. 

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