Influencer Spotlight: Brandon Matzek of Kitchen Konfidence

For the next installment of our Influencer Spotlight series, we're talking with Brandon Matzek of Kitchen Konfidence. Living in San Diego, Brandon loves to create fresh, flavorful recipes by experimenting with seasonal produce and new techniques. 

Explore his spotlight below to see what drives Brandon's passion for home cooking and authentic brand partnerships. 

What first drew you into creating content?

Food and cooking have always been a big part of my life, but it wasn't until I started taking pictures of my food (back in 2009!) that I considered creating content to share with others. I started posting recipes and photos on Facebook and Twitter, and after getting a lot of positive feedback from my friends and family, I launched my food blog, Kitchen Konfidence.

At first, content creation was just a creative outlet; however, as the months and years went on, I got comments and emails from readers, saying how much they loved my recipes. This is now what I love the most about content creation: helping others make a delicious meal in their home kitchens!

What do you want readers to take away from your channels?

I would hope that my passion for food is very present. Kitchen Konfidence has always been about the food! I also share a lot of San Diego-specific content on Instagram. I love living in San Diego, and I like to infuse that into my socials.

What have you learned about yourself as a content creator?

I've learned that I can't do everything. It's important to learn your boundaries and then work within them. Sometimes it's ok to push those boundaries, but don't make it a regular thing or else you'll get burnt out. And don't be afraid to hire someone or ask for help if you want to take things to the next level (without stretching yourself too thin).

What do brands need to create a successful partnership with a content creator? 

When I'm considering working with a brand, I look at two things: 1. Does the brand have a product that I love and can connect with? 2. Does the brand have the budget needed to afford my services? I have a really hard time creating content around products that I don't believe in or that I'm not excited about, so I just don't do it. I also think this is important when building trust with your readers as well. I've done a fair amount of brand partnerships over the years, and my audience always seems to enjoy them because I am passionate about the brands I work with.

And then of course, the compensation needs to be appropriate for the work requested. You can easily get burnt out if you are not getting paid enough for the work that you do.

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