Industry News Roundup: How Coronavirus is Affecting the Influencer Marketing Business

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, marketers are finding the influencer-marketing model of at-home DIY content creation to be a great alternative to crowded commercial photo shoots. Social media consumption has dramatically increased, leading to a temporary drop in price-per-paid-posts and an increase in ad impressions and engagement on sponsored content as more people stay home to help flatten the coronavirus outbreak curve. Pinterest saw all-time high usage worldwide the weekend of March 21st, with more saves and searches on the platform than any other weekend in their history. They also report more people than ever sending Pins to one another and idea sharing, with messages sent through the “Send a Pin” feature up 34%.

Photo Credit: Jaclyn Quinones @crazylifewithlittles

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For a more in-depth look at how Coronavirus is changing the influencer business, check out the full article over at Business Insider. To discover how your brand can deliver top tier, influencer-created content while guaranteeing 100% of campaign impressions, find more info at Ahalogy here.