Quotient’s Hungry for Change Fundraiser

Quotient is committed to continually looking for new ways to give back to the community around us. With so many employees working from home during COVID-19, we had to get creative with our approach to volunteering. This year, the Quotient team rose to the occasion and reached the goal for our first-ever Hungry for Change fundraiser.

What Is Hungry for Change?

This multifaceted fundraiser encouraged employees to support local restaurants and community organizations across the many different parts of the country we live in. Quotient employees purchased a meal from locally-owned restaurants and submitted receipts. These were then matched by the company to be donated to the organization of employees’ choosing based on their office locations.

Organizations were selected based on the work they do to increase equality and support diversity in their local communities. The New York office selected the New York Urban League, Cincinnati chose Inner-City Youth Opportunities, and both our remote and Mountain View employees nominated iMentor. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to their efforts.

Quotient employee, Brenton Miller, gets takeout from a local restaurant.

Here is a closer look at some of the incredible work that these organizations do:

  • The New York Urban League’s goal is to strengthen underserved communities and ensure everyone has a seat at the table. They work to empower New Yorkers with work and education initiatives to ensure youth are on the path to a fruitful educational career and people can land living-wage jobs with good benefits. 
  • The mission of Inner City Youth Opportunities is to educate and mentor low-income Cincinnati inner-city youth year-round by providing a safe environment and programs to prepare them for a successful future.
  • iMentor matches every student in their high schools with a committed college-educated mentor, equipped to guide that young person on their journey to college graduation.

Quotient Employees Support Communities

With our Hungry for Change fundraiser, hundreds of receipts were submitted and thousands of dollars were dispersed throughout local economies—in addition to the donations to each of the above organizations. We are extremely proud of our employees and the positive impact they have helped to make in their local neighborhoods and economies.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this initiative—these contributions are possible thanks to your participation. Your communities appreciate your support!