Drive Incremental Sales Among Category Buyers with Quotient’s Buy Rate Maximizer

Increased basket size. More trips to the store. These factors will ultimately move more of your product off a retailer’s shelves, and that’s what our Buy Rate Maximizer is specifically focused on—getting shoppers to purchase at a higher rate, either by choosing larger quantities per store visit or by more frequent shopping trips.

The goal of Quotient’s Buy Rate Maximizer is to drive incremental dollar sales among exclusive category and brand buyer audiences, allowing you to generate sales at scale with a reach of 100+million shoppers.* Using our own unique capabilities, proprietary shopper data and years of experience working with both CPGs and major retailers, our Buy Rate Maximizer will provide exactly what you need to move more of your product.

Quotient’s Buy Rate Maximizer offers a data-driven, cross-platform digital solution that combines promotional and media components with shopper-driving creative to increase awareness, store visits and measurable sales. As shoppers more than ever rely on mobile and digital channels to inform their offline purchasing decisions, we can reach and influence them wherever they are on the purchase path.

Make your marketing dollars work harder for you with precision-targeted and sales-driving performance optimization, plus:

  • Reach exclusive category buyer audiences with advanced mobile audience targeting from Crisp.
  • Engage shoppers with brand-safe, mobile-focused digital media.
  • Grow sales with purchase-driving creative powered by dynamic and personalized ad serving.
  • Get contextual placement on (desktop and mobile), plus a dedicated brand page and showcase your brand to an exclusive ready-buyer audience,

And much more! Ready to drive more sales, move more product and build your business? Contact your Quotient representative, or get a hold of us directly:

Call Jim Selden at 646-300-4019

Or email us at [email protected]

*As of December 31, 2017.