Quotient COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Understanding Grocery Shoppers & Social Trends During COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19, shopper behavior and buying preferences have shifted. To understand these changes and what they mean for both retailers and brands, Quotient launched a dashboard monitoring grocery shopping, store product popularity, and social trends.  

Using the Dashboard

There are three key sections to the dashboard, including shopper insights, product categories, and social & digital media. 

The shopper insights section highlights changes in total grocery dollar spend and grocery transactions each week compared to the pre-COVID period. These sections include trends from twenty key DMAs, including the ten largest DMAs. By clicking on each name, you can select the DMA you are interested in and compare it to other DMAs. Hovering over the trend line reveals lift compared to the baseline for each week. These views will enable you to see how COVID-19 is affecting grocery shopping behaviors at a local DMA level but also see overall trends across DMAs.  

Line graph showing the week-over-week grocery dollar spend lift by DMA
This graph shows the week-over-week grocery dollar spend lift by DMA.

To highlight how consumer preferences are changing, we put together a table of the top ten product categories by sales lift that shows the products that see the highest lift in sales each week. By scrolling through the weeks, brands and retailers can understand what items are popular during this time and how that changes from week to week.  

Finally, the social and digital media section is built to show popular topics on social platforms. This will reinforce what topics are trending and what consumers are interested in, helping brands and retailers to understand their consumer. 

As grocery shopping, product preferences, and interests shift due to COVID-19, retailers and CPGs can ensure that they continue to provide value to their customers through available products, promotions, and helpful messaging by monitoring available data and adjusting their strategies accordingly. Doing this will ensure retailers and CPGs secure loyalty and connect with consumers. 


Quotient is evaluating retailer purchase data aggregated and anonymized from multiple Quotient retail partners and social media data from Quotient’s proprietary Muse platform. Then, lift is calculated by taking the percent change in each metric compared to the baseline. The baseline is a pre-COVID period, defined as the weeks of 12/30/19 through 1/20/20. Lift for social data is calculated by taking the percent change in social engagement compared to the previous year week-over-week. 

Click here to check out the dashboard.

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