Preview of eBook "Food for Thought: How Coronavirus is Changing the Food Category."

Coronavirus by Category: Food & Beverage

Coronavirus is still driving sweeping changes in shopper behavior across categories, brands, channels and retailers—keeping marketers on their toes to create strategies that will succeed in this environment. 

We at Quotient analyzed our exclusive retailer, shopper, and point-of-sale data to identify actionable insights for brands. To share these shopper behavior insights, we published a series of eBooks for foodbeveragehousehold and personal care brands.  

First up in this two-part series are the food and beverage insights. Check them out now for our top tips on keeping your marketing efforts alive, tactful, and impactful during this uncertain time. 

Food for Thought: How Coronavirus Is Changing the Food Category 

While some restaurants, bars, and offices are still closed, others are just starting to open back up. Our data shows that shoppers are changing their food purchasing behavior to account for increased time spent at home and limitations in leaving the house.  

As the pandemic evolves, sales spikes are leveling in previously high-demand categories like shelf-stable snacks. However, we believe sales volume will remain at elevated levels for an extended period as we gradually return to normal. During this time, brands must actively engage with shoppers to maintain top-of-mind awareness as shoppers are more active in the food category. 

To better understand how food brands can connect with consumers, we’ve highlighted some of the top products that trended during the COVID-19 time period. Social content engagement data from Quotient’s Ahalogy Muse platform shows baking-related trends spiking in recent weeks. Specifically, “Banana Bread” increased 38.81% month over month while “Sourdough” increased 53.33% month over month. Likewise, sales for “Baking Products” have increased 66% over baseline averages and sales for “Frozen Baked Goods” have increased 38%.

Preview of eBook "Food for Thought: How Coronavirus is Changing the Food Category."
Thanks to Coronavirus, shoppers are behaving differently in the food category. Download our eBook to learn more.

For further shopper behavior insights in the food category, download “Food for Thought: How Coronavirus Is Changing the Food Category.” 

The Beverage Breakdown: How Coronavirus Is Changing the Beverage Category 

Much like with the food category, we’re seeing sales spikes normalize in previously high-demand beverage products like bottled water. However, consumers are still buying more beverage products compared to the pre-COVID period. In order to capitalize on this increased purchasing behavior, we’ve identified the top trending products in the beverage category. 

Some of the most consistent increases have been in “Liquor,” which saw a 26% lift in sales over baseline averages. This can likely be attributed to the closure of bars and restaurants as well as the surge in virtual happy hour events. “Frozen Beverages” are seeing the biggest increase with an 82% lift in sales over baseline averages, showing strong growth after other categories have leveled off after the initial impact of Coronavirus. In part, this could correlate to the popularity of liquor—shoppers could be making their own frozen cocktails at home. However, “Frozen Beverages” are also an economical and convenient option for people wanting access to fresh juice and smoothies but who also need to stockpile without produce or refrigerated juices expiring. 

Preview of eBook "The Beverage Breakdown: How COVID-19 is Changing Shopper Behavior."
Coronavirus is driving changes in shopper behavior in the beverage category. Download our eBook to learn more.

For further shopper behavior insights, download “The Beverage Breakdown: How COVID-19 Is Changing Shopper Behavior.” 

Coronavirus Is Changing the Landscape

Hopefully these insights have given you an insider’s look into how food and beverage brands can use Quotient’s exclusive data to develop strategic campaigns and connect with consumers. Coronavirus has driven widespread changes across multiple areas of life, and it’s up to brands to adapt to the times while bringing value to consumers. 

Check back in next week to see two additional eBooks in the series: household and personal care