Albertsons Companies Expands Its Partnership With Quotient With Launch of Promotion Amplification Tool

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Albertsons Companies to introduce a promotion amplification tool. This tool provides value to consumers by saving them money in any of Albertsons’ 2,000+ stores while connecting CPG brands with engaged shopping audiences.

Launching as part of Albertsons Performance Media ad network powered by Quotient, the promo amplification tool leverages Albertsons’ point-of-sale and loyalty card data to automatically target the right consumers with available temporary price reduction (TPRs) offers. Additionally, this tool also features custom creative from the CPG brand.

On-sale items are the quintessential promotion to drive trial and loyalty and offer shoppers maximum value. Introducing promo amplification as part of the Albertsons Performance Media ad network helps expose more shoppers to offers on products they love to drive in-store and online sales and deepens their relationship with their grocer. —Steven Boal, CEO and founder of Quotient

How Promotion Amplification Works

Promotion amplification combines retailer point-of-sale and loyalty card data with weekly retailer TPR pricing feeds to target and automate digital media to the right audiences at the right time. This triggers programmatic digital media on our media platform, which includes accurate and specific information for each promotion and leverages flexible, custom creative from the advertiser. Media is delivered to granular audiences to amplify the TPR that the advertiser is offering while it is available.

Performance of the amplified TPR can be tracked through to the impact on sales. Quotient has filed for a patent for this technology.

The Value for Advertisers and Retailers

According to Quotient internal data, on average, CPG advertisers run over 2,000 TPRs each week to drive in-store sales at grocery retailers. Of those TPRs, only ten percent are visible in the retailers’ traditional, weekly circular.

Our promotion amplification tool aims to drive omnichannel awareness of all TPRs through automated and measurable digital media that is triggered when the promotion is active. This, in turn, generates incremental store trips, potential new trial, increased basket sizes and benefits to advertisers and retailers alike.

For advertisers, it increases the reach of their TPRs to larger audiences that are targeted through our exclusive consumer sales and purchase intent data. For retailers that partner with Quotient, promotion amplification provides advertisers a more effective and efficient way to drive sales through TPRs.

We are thrilled to provide value consumers, advertisers and Albertsons Companies through our expanded partnership and our new promotion amplification tool. Interested in how promotions amplification can grow your brand? Contact us at [email protected].