Quotient’s Audience Cloud data is multidimensional, providing better opportunities to reach shoppers in the right place and time, with the right message. Our extensive grocery, mass, drug and dollar retailer partnerships provide verified customer in-store and online past-purchase data for over 450 million UPC level transactions each month, while purchase intent data from our Promotions Cloud delivers hundreds of millions of digital coupon activation and redemption signals monthly. Plus, online search and browsing data from retailers’ sites provide additional, and retargetable, signals of purchase intent. Our data is analyzed and managed in Quotient’s DMP platform where it is categorized into over 1,000 targetable audience segments and optimized with geo-location and other data to deliver among the best targeted, most personalized CPG digital marketing campaigns.

  • 450 million retailer point-of-sale transactions monthly
  • 3.9 billion coupon activation signals in the past year
  • 100 million + buyer audience
  • Over 1,000 targetable segments
  • National footprint with ability to reach shoppers in 20,000 stores.

Audience Cloud Products

Quotient Audiences

Quotient Audiences delivers CPG performance media by providing the ad tech to reach more than 250 million qualified buyers based on exclusive purchase and intent data. With Quotient Audiences, CPG marketers have a new way to reach shoppers that are most likely to buy their products.

Quotient Audiences are built from exclusive retailer purchase data and proprietary digital coupon data. Quotient pulls data from a buyer audience of over 100 million. These shopper IDs cover 20,000 stores across the nation, and represent approximately $150 billion in annual sales. Quotient has exclusive relationships with each retailer, so only by working with Quotient can brands deliver digital ads to these shoppers using purchase data. CPGs can leverage our library of more than 1,000 audience segments to target category or brand buyers, or can create custom segments to meet their brand's targeting needs. Either way, our team can work with a brand to develop the best approach for its performance marketing.