2009 Top 20 Most Frugal Cities Revealed Index Indicates Atlanta and Tampa Residents Bank the Most Savings with Online Coupons

Mountain View, Calif. – January 7, 2010 – A Georgia peach tastes especially sweet when purchased with a coupon, if Atlanta residents have anything to say about it.

The Georgia state capital tops the list of Most Frugal U.S. Cities, according to the 2009 Savings Index1 released today by, the premiere Web destination for coupons and savings. The average user in Atlanta saved over $531 using coupons from the site in 2009. Tampa, Florida follows closely in the number two position.

“The top couponing cities reveal the tremendous savings potential coupons offer nowadays,” said Jeanette Pavini, Household Savings Expert. “By spending just minutes each week printing online coupons, anyone can really cut back on their household expenses. I don’t need to tell people in Atlanta and Tampa that coupons are essentially found money.”

Cities in the Midwest and South account for almost one-half of this year’s top couponing locales. Ohio alone is represented three times – Cincinnati (#3), Cleveland (#8) and Columbus (#20) – making it the country’s most frugal state. St. Louis (#4), Minneapolis (#5), Kansas City (#10), Indianapolis (#16) and Wichita, Kansas (#19) also add to the Midwest contingent.

The South’s strength in couponing is reflected in the fact that more than one-third of the top 20 couponing cities are in the Southern region of the United States. In addition to Atlanta and Tampa, other Southland cities on the list are: Nashville, (#6), Charlotte, North Carolina (#7), Raleigh, North Carolina (#11), Oklahoma City (#13), Miami (#14) and Dallas (#18).

Pittsburgh, coming in ninth, is the top-ranking Northeastern city in the Index. That city along with Boston (#12) and Washington, DC (#15) make up the Northeast’s only representation.

Just one Western city made this year’s top 20 list, according to the Savings Index: Denver, ranking number 17.

“Multiple cities in both Ohio and North Carolina appear on the list,” said Pavini. “Shoppers in all parts of the U.S. should look to the Buckeye and Tar Heel states, where consumers are putting money in their pockets every month by using coupons smartly.”

The top 20 couponing cities, with corresponding savings index, are: 1. Atlanta, GA 918; 2. Tampa, FL 522; 3. Cincinnati, OH 511; 4. Saint Louis, MO 468; 5. Minneapolis, MN 351; 6. Nashville, TN 308; 7. Charlotte, NC 306; 8. Cleveland, OH 272; 9. Pittsburgh, PA 254; 10. Kansas City, MO 254; 11. Raleigh, NC 243; 12. Boston, MA 229; 13. Oklahoma City, OK 207; 14. Miami, FL 205; 15. Washington, DC 191; 16. Indianapolis, IN 186; 17. Denver, CO 186; 18. Dallas, TX 186; 19. Wichita, KS 159; and 20. Columbus OH 152.

1Savings Index ranks cities (with a population of 300,000 or more) based on each city’s total printed coupon savings on and the network in 2009 relative to its population size. With an index of 918, Atlanta residents are nine times more likely to print coupon savings than the average American city dweller.